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12/ 06/ 04 Nouvelles de Monaco


After New York, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Johannesburg, Chicago or Zurich to quote only some of those places, our charming herbivores have decided to continue their world tour spending the Summer 2005 in the Principality of Monaco on the French Riviera. More precisely, they will be displayed there from June the 20th to September the 25th 2005.

This exhibition, which undoubtedly will be "The Event of the Summer", is getting ready and very soon the Monegasque population will be invited to take part in what is currently considered as one of the largest exhibitions in the world : today, over 4 000 cows have already been displayed throughout the whole world.

To participate, it's very simple : you just have to adopt a cow! They are all waiting for you to be spoiled, decorated, and dressed.

The Principality of Monaco will marvellously fit the organization of such an event. As you know, the sea is bluer in Monaco and as you may not know, the grass is greener as well. Our friends will be able to make the most of it while gambolling on our open space and shining pavement.

Before they will stay in their cowshed**** luxe specially developed for the occasion where they will be cherished, washed, equipped, made up, dressed, and decorated by your good offices to be eventually released during the night of the 20th to the 21st of June 2005.

The cows, on the imitation of the other cities, will certainly be noted for their originality and charisma. You will be able to see them by those mythical places such as the Casino Square, the Palace Square, in front of the Hotel de Paris, the "Salle des Etoiles", the Larvotto Beach or the Monte Carlo luxury shops.

At the close of the exhibition, the most beautiful cows will be sold by auction.

Half of these proceeds will be donated to the "Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies" which fights discreetly but with much conviction in order "among other aims" to fund research programmes more specifically related to the Duchenne paralysis or "myopathie de Duchenne". This disease takes the form of a generalized progressive muscular dystrophy and is still affecting in France and each year one boy out of 3 500. Over one million children are affected in the whole world.

The money raised during this sale will allow the organization of new round tables cycles very much in demand by the international scientific and medical community allowing the latter to debate around some convergent or contradictory major topics related to this very pathology.
Another excellent reason to get involved in this Monegasque project.

By presenting their cow, the exhibitors will contribute to turn this Cow parade event into the nicest of the Cow parade worlwide. At the same time, they will capture the attention of the residents and the tourists on their favourite, improving their own visibility and their brand image at the same time.

In case you need more information or application files, you can also call us at +377 97 77 81 91.
You will see "You will just adore those little cows" especially yours!


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